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igus® products used in sewage plants:
longer service life, lower costs, more safety

Sewage plants must clean sewage reliably and hence work safely and without failure. Under continuous stress just like with  sun, wind, snow and ice. igus® products are tested in our own laboratory with regard to their service life and are being used in hundreds of applications.  That way, downtimes are avoided, operating costs are reduced and time-consuming maintenance is decreased.

Whether in a longitudinal scraper, sand or fat trap: igus® offers cost-effective energy chains, cables and  guide troughs specifically for sewage treatment, individually or as ready-to-use complete package from stock. igus® offers customised solutions for small sewage plants to large sewage treatment plants.  

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Your savings potentials with igus® energy chain systems and cables

No regular exchange of cables required

No separate drive of the motor cable drum – this saves material and energy

No slip ring body and regular exchange of contacts

No tangling or damage of cables

Cable length up to 50% shorter compared to festooning


Cost-effective igus® polymer products for sewage plants

e-chain® series 2500  
e-chains® series 2500

e-chain® for long travels

Large unsupported lengths possible

Safe cable guidance increases cable service life

Fast opening and closing

Easy assembly of the energy chain

chainflex® CF9.25.12  
chainflex® CF9.25.12
(12G 2.5mm²)

For heaviest duty applications 


Hydrolysis- and microbe-resistant

Free of halogen and PVC



basic flizz®  
basic flizz® 2500v2

  • Configure online
  • Weather-resistant enclosure
  • Energy chain for reliable cable guidance
  • Easy installation
  • Travel distance up to 200 m and more
  • Telescoping moving end arm
  • Standardised and including moving end arm deliverable from stock 

Checked in the igus® test laboratory for real use

Glimpse into test laboratory for cables and energy chainsTake a look at our chainflex® and e-chain® test laboratory, where tests are run with 10 billion cycles every year.


Tests in the cold chamberBoth energy chains and chainflex® cables are tested here under extreme conditions. That way, they can meet even the most demanding requirements when the time comes.


Application examples of our customers

Sewage treatment without downtime in the sewage plant Plauen

The Basic flizz® System guides cables safely along the primary clarifier on 53 metres. The energy chain in the housing is suitable for long travels and ensures a long service life of the cables. They are guided with a defined bend radius and the energy chain absorbs developing tensile forces. That way, cable-related downtimes are avoided.
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Scraper bridge in primary clarifier

Light energy chain for large project: AMORAS

AMORAS is a sludge drainage plant according to newest ecological findings. Pumps are guided through the basin of the sludge treatment plant via a bridge. Through an energy chain by igus® the hoses of the pumps are moved on the bridge, so that the pumps can reach every area of the four basins measuring 120,000 m3 each. To realise the project, the operator worked closely with igus® from the realisation to the planning.
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Air view of the sludge treatment plant

Long scrapers basin with more process reliability

The Wastewater Association Kempten has equipped the long scrapers basing of its sewage plant with a basic flizz® system with floating moving ends, so as to guide electric cables safely. The system guides the maintenance effort and at the same time ensures a long service life of the cables. On a travel measuring 65 metres, the energy chain contained in the system guides the cables.  
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basic flizz® at the long scrapers basin of the Wastewater Association Kempten

Smooth cable guidance since 2000 at the Aggerverband

Before the flizz® was applied, a cable drum was used for the energy supply. However, the cable drum caused high wear of the cables. Since chainflex® cables and the flizz® system with igus® energy chain are used, the plant operates without downtime. Even at particularly low or high temperatures.
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flizz® system in use at the Aggerverband

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