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igus® solutions for the mining and bulk handling technology

Over 50 years of experience

In the area of bulk handling, equipment must function under tough and dirty conditions and work reliably even in bad weather. igus® offers plastic components for bulk handling technology that make exactly that possible and are characterised by their robustness and long service life. These include energy chains, cables and hoses, which are used for example in bucket-wheel excavators, ship loaders, portal scrapers, wagon tipplers, conveyor belts, lifts, silos and funnels. The igus® Project Engineering Team will assist you with the sizing, design, the construction, the project management, the reconstruction, the installation and the commissioning on site. You can find references to mining, raw materials such as ore, coal, fertiliser, road salt and food bulk materials on our homepage.

Ship unloader  
Your benefits of the bulk handling technology at a glance:

  • Corrosion-free
  • Cost-effective, modular design
  • Durability with low maintenance
  • Resistant to dirt, chemicals and high temperature
  • Proven, tested material with igus® system guarantee
  • Lightweight and high strength
  • TÜV tested

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New from April 2020

EC.PP trough-integrated path measurement system  
Trough-integrated travel measuring system

▲ Tech up

Path measurement system for connection to the position-dependent push/pull measuring system EC. PR

Usable as a primary trolley positioning system

▼ Cost down

Savings on average of four person days of assembly time as no second measuring system is required

More information about the path measurement system EC. PP

Online service life monitoring with isense EC.W.06  
Crossbar for online lifetime monitoring

▲ Tech up

Integrated LTE modem transmits abrasion and movement data directly to the cloud

Maintenance recommendations on the web dashboard, via e-mail or SMS

▼ Cost down

Avoid unplanned plant downtime

No additional hardware needed in the switch cabinet

More information about isense EC. W.06

chainflex CASE - ship'n shore  
New shipping drum for chainflex goods sold by the metre

▲ Tech up

The label with QR code for the product page makes re-ordering 60% faster

Simple unreeling directly from the box

▼ Cost down

84% more cost-effective with standard shipment

Delivery within one to two business days with standard delivery

More information about chainflex CASE - ship'n shore

Suitable products for equipment in bulk handling

Energy chains and ready-to-connect energy supplies

e-chains® P4.1 series

e-chains® P4.1 series  

  • Travel lengths of 800 m and more are possible
  • High fill weight of up to 30 kg/m
  • Speeds of up to 10 m/s possible
  • Longer service life due to maintenance-free tribo-polymer plain bearings

e-chains® series 4040RHD/5050RHD

e-chains® series 4040RHD/5050RHD  

  • Travel lengths of 1000 m and more are possible
  • Cable loads of up to 50 kg/m are possible
  • Speeds of up to 6 m/s possible
  • Various roller types for optimum application adaption

Harnessed energy supply systems

Energy supply systems ready for connection  

  • Procurement optimisation – one system, one part number
  • Save time – 95% less harnessing time
  • Reduce assembly time – less machine downtime

chainflex® cables

Motor cable CFCRANE

Motor cable CFCRANE  

  • For highest voltages and outputs
  • Flame-retardant
  • UV resistance
  • Oil resistance

CFLG.LB fibre optic cable

CFLG.LB fibre optic cable  

  • For heaviest-duty applications with 5 x d
  • Outer jacket: TPE
  • Gliding application (horizontal) of 400 m and more
  • UV resistance

Pneumatic hoses

Pneumatic hoses  

  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Oil-resistant
  • Coolant-resistant
  • Halogen-free

Guide troughs and rotating energy supplies

Steel guide trough

Steel guide trough  

  • For long travel applications
  • Very tough and reliable
  • For extreme loads

Rotating energy supplies

Rotating energy supplies  

  • Rotation angle of 540° (on one level)
  • Rotation angle of 900° and more are possible with the igus® MRM
  • Rotation speed of up to 360°/s

Real-world examples

Stacker & reclaimer

igus® rotating energy supply system and cables have been installed in stackers & reclaimers since 2014.

Lignite excavator

Travels of 615 m and in operation without failure since 2008

Compared to previously installed festoon systems, the 5050RHD series e-chain systems® now reduce the required cable lengths and save installation space. The 5050RHD series is used in the large lignite excavator in the Czech Republic. The travels amount to 615 m.

Ship unloader

Travel of 441 m and in operation without failure since 2001

Series 5050R energy chains, CFCrane chainflex® cables and fibre optic cables are used in ship unloaders at a modern coal-fired power plant in Malaysia. All energy chains are completely equipped with stainless steel guide troughs and withstand weather conditions.

Conveyor systems

Energy supply under adverse environmental conditions since 2013

igus® energy supply systems (rol e-chain® type 5050RHD, chainflex® cables and Push/Pull Detection System) are used in the conveyor systems in Stade.

Further information

Engineering projects & special solutions  
Engineering projects & special solutions

From the first sketch to installation and on-site commissioning

Installation service  
Installation service

Installation of energy chains with all components, with guarantee

Long travels  
Long travels

Discover more about energy chain systems for long travels


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